The Allentown FreeFlow Bedding Dispenser a highly effective and easy to use-freeing end users from the headaches associated with cumbersome installations, difficult transportation, and the need for compressed air for operation.

Phantom DBS

The Phantom Bedding Disposal Station advances the Phantom line of solutions by taking all that was learned in the development of the Phantom Animal Transfer Station and incorporating It into a truly unique and effective bedding disposal station.

Phamtom 2

We polled hundreds of satisfied Phantom users, and asked for their wish-list if we ever created a Phantom 2. With that input, the best animal transfer station on the market got even better.

SC Plus Safety Cabinets

Allentown is pleased to announce the new SC Plus Biological Safety Cabinet! Like previous models, the SC Plus offers the ultimate protection for rodent procedures with enhanced protection during cage changing operations.

Static Housing & Interchangeable Plastic Caging

Thousands of Static & IPC housing solutions have shipped from our Allentown USA docks to the leading research institutions throughout the world.

The NextGen

The NexGen is new…but filled with the values that have made Allentown the number one housing solution provider to the Laboratory Animal Science community over the past 43 years.