Ultimate Teaching System

The Ultimate Teaching System provides all the hardware and software material to conduct a wide range of human physiology experiments, including breathing, respiratory, cardiovascular, muscle & reflexes, biopotentials (ECG, EEG and EMG).

Advance Teaching System

The Advanced Teaching System extends the experiment range of the Intermediate Teaching System into human spirometry by including a Spirometer Pod, Respiratory Flow Head and related accessories.

Animal Physiology Systems

Provides the software and equipment required for isolated nerve and muscle preparations from animals.

Epithelial Voltage Clamp Systems

The Single and Dual Epithelial Voltage Clamp Systems are designed to be used with a corresponding Ussing Chamber for studies of epithelial transport and the electrical properties of tissues.

Equivital Starter Pack (6 Belts)

The Equivital Starter Pack (6 belts) is the ideal solution if you are planning to record data from a range of individuals for your research, or are unsure of their sizing requirements as it comes with 6 different sizes of the compact and unobtrusive sensor belts from Equivital.

Equivital Starter Pack (Single)

The Equivital Starter Pack (Single) is perfect if you are currently planning to record data from one individual as it comes with only one of Equivital’s compact and unobtrusive sensor belts.

Health Science Teaching Systems

Provides the hardware and software required to carry out Nursing Experiments and Medical Learning Modules.

Human and Animal Physiology System

Provides the hardware and software required to carry out human and animal cardiovascular, respiratory, muscle, nerve and sensory physiology experiments. 


Biochemistry Kit

The Biochemistry Kit allows students to investigate basic principles of animal and plant biology and biochemistry. The kit contains the necessary electrodes and associated hardware to study buffering, ion dissociation as well as conduct titration and cellular respiration experiments.


Suitable for recording horizontal and vertical eye movement and position. It is ideal for conducting experiments investigating slow-tracking, saccades and more.

Exercise Breathing Kit

Contains items required for collecting expired air from the Exercise Physiology Experiments. Use spirometry and gas analysis as techniques for recording respiratory variables and determining metabolic rate.

Exercise Physiology Kit

Conduct respiratory gas analysis and metabolic measurements in student laboratories investigating the effects of exercise.

Human Respiratory Kit

Allows the user to record signals from respiratory flow heads. Respiratory parameters such as minute ventilation and tidal volume along with PIF, PEF, FVC and FEV1 are calculated using the Spirometry Extension and LabChart software.

Isolated Heart Kit

The Isolated Heart Kit (Dual Heating) is ideal for student pharmacology laboratories conducting pharmacological investigations and dose response experiments using the Langendorff technique on an isolated small animal (mice, rat, guinea pig or rabbit) heart.

Nerve and Muscle Kits

Nerve and Muscle Kits are ideal for conducting experiments using isolated animal nerve, skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscle preparations. The cables connect to the nerve chamber and plug directly into the analog inputs and analog outputs of the PowerLab system for recording and stimulating the tissues.

Pharmacology Kits

Pharmacology Kits provide high quality yet economical options for student laboratories conducting isolated tissue and pharmacological experiments using a PowerLab data acquisition unit.


Lab Chart

LabChart lets you do the basics with a minimum of fuss; advanced features stay out of the way until the moment you need them. LabChart’s range of sophisticated Add-Ons are purpose-built for signals specific to life science, e.g. cardiovascular, respiratory, blood pressure, neuronal and dose response data.

Biopotential Telemetry Foundation System

The Biopotential Telemetry Foundation System is the ideal base package to build a tailored solution for your chosen combination biopotential, activity and/or temperature telemetry recordings in small animals (e.g. mice, rats and guinea pigs). 

Exercise Physiology System

A complete physiology recording system for monitoring cardiorespiratory and metabolic function during exercise. The system records and displays continuous real-time measurements of metabolic parameters such as CO2 and O2 concentrations, airflow, temperature of respired air, ECG or EMG.

Extracellular Recording System

This system is designed for recording extracellular signals using an AC/DC Differential Amplifier with Active Headstage, which is compatible with either glass or metal microelectrodes.

Human NIBP Nano System

The Human NIBP Nano system allows recording of a continuous blood pressure signal from an adult human via a non-invasive dual finger cuff system. The system contains the Human NIBP Nano Wrist Unit(Manufactured by Finapres Medical Systems), one Human NIBP Nano Height Correction Unit (HCU) and the Human NIBP Nano Interface (which both provides power to the Wrist Unit and facilitates communication with LabChart via USB).

Langendorff System – Panlab (Constant Pressure or Flow)

The Langendorff System - Panlab (Constant Pressure or Flow) is designed to perfuse isolated small animal hearts such as mouse, rat and guinea pig using the Langendorff technique, while providing measurement of pressure, biopotentials and temperature.

Langendorff Systems – Radnoti (Constant Pressure or Flow)

These Langendorff Systems provide all the glassware to perfuse isolated mouse or rat hearts, acquisition hardware to collect data including pressure, biopotentials and temperature, and LabChart software for ease of data analysis.

Mikro-Tip BP Foundation System

The Mikro-Tip BP Foundation System is suitable for measuring blood pressure in small (e.g., mice) through to large animals (e.g., sheep). It provides compatibility with a wide range of Mikro-Tip pressure catheters (purchased separately), which allow the user to place the sensor in an artery or the heart to measure blood pressures directly.