Human Physiology Systems

Human Physiology Systems provide students with the LabTutor Teaching Suite software together with PowerLab, transducers and accessories, to make learning of human cardiovascular, respiratory, muscle and nerve physiology easy.

Intermediate Teaching System

The Intermediate Teaching System provides the hardware and software to conduct a number of human physiology experiments which include, breathing, blood pressure, ECG, muscle, EMG & reflexes along with EEG measurements.

Intracellular Recording System

The Intracellular Recording System includes a high impedance electrometer for easy, accurate and reliable intracellular recordings and current injections. The electrometer consists of two sections; the probe headstage and the controller which contains the signal conditioning, monitoring and power circuitry.

Neurobiology Teaching System

The Neurobiology Teaching System is a teaching bundle that offers the PowerLab 4/26 data acquisition unit and LabChart software, making it ideal for teaching neurobiology courses/curricula. Included in the system are specific amplifiers and headstages suitable for extracellular or intracellular recordings

Psychophysiology Teaching System

The Psychophysiology Teaching System is a teaching bundle that offers the PowerLab 26T together with signal conditioners and transducers to meet the needs of Psychology courses.


Physiology Accessory Kit

The Physiology Accessory Kit is ideal for use with PowerLab teaching units featuring a Bio Amp.

Psychophysiology Kit

Suitable for galvanic skin response and skin temperature recordings. The GSR Amp is electrically isolated and approved for human use.

Reflex Kit

This kit can be used for human tendon jerk, reflex and nerve stimulation experiments.

Wireless Heart Rate Kit

Offers wireless connectivity (1.2 m range) to a PowerLab data acquisition system for accurate real-time measurement of heart rate. This kit can be used alone, or in conjunction with other recordings such as ECG, HRV and Spirometry.


MPVS Ultra Foundation Systems

The Mikro-Tip® Pressure Volume System (MPVS) Ultra Foundation Systems are configured for measurement of left ventricular pressure (LVP) and volume. Choose a Foundation System suitable for small (rat or mouse) hearts, or small through to large (sheep, pig) hearts.

Panlab Organ Bath Systems

Panlab multi-chamber Organ Bath Systems combine the ADInstruments PowerLab data acquisition system, Bridge Amplifier, Isometric Transducers and LabChart software with a Panlab Organ Bath.

Patch Clamp Recording Systems

Patch Clamp Recording Systems with a choice of 3 Headstages are suitable for measuring currents in whole cell measurements and single channel studies. Microelectrodes or glass electrodes/micropipettes are not supplied.

Perivascular and Tubing Flow Systems

One or Two Channel Systems are available to fit any combination and configuration of Perivascular Flowmeter or Tubing Flowmeter Modules, including leaving a channel blank for future addition of another Flowmeter Module.

Pressure Telemetry Foundation System

The Pressure Telemetry Foundation System is the ideal base package to build a tailored solution for your chosen combination of pressure, biopotential, activity and/or temperature telemetry recordings in small animals (e.g. mice, rats and guinea pigs). 

Radnoti Organ Bath Systems

Combining the ADInstruments PowerLab data acquisition system, Bridge Amplifier, Isometric Transducers and LabChart software with a Radnoti Tissue-Organ Bath Apparatus. These systems provide a controlled environment for conducting isolated tissue studies without the influence of in vivosystemic variables.

Trigno Wireless Foundation System

The Trigno Wireless Foundation System is the perfect base package to build a flexible system for your wireless physiological measurement needs in movement science.

Two Electrode Voltage Clamp (Oocyte) Systems

These systems are designed for two-electrode, whole-cell voltage clamping of large cells such as Xenopus oocytes and cell structures such as squid axons.